A writing retreat becomes a dream come true.


Elizabeth Cockle, Nancy Clark, Susan Marcus, Anne.

I’ve enjoyed writing retreats for nearly two decades. They vary in quality and are affected by the participants, the comfort of the mattress, the quiet, and access to nature. No matter what problems arise,  the busy world stops, and I focus on writing. Being focused on writing under the same roof creates a Red Tent field of creative energy. Last week at the retreat I designed and hosted at my home in Riverport at the mouth of the Lahave River, we could have cooked our meals on it. We were sizzling hot and I’m still in the zone a week later. I’d workshopped many times with the three gifted writers who participated – Nancy Clark, Elizabeth Cockle, and Susan Marcus – and respected their talent and devotion to good story-telling. I’d learned the importance of quiet work hours at St. Pete’s in Saskatchewan, and to provide a beautiful good-quality environment at Ragdale outside Chicago. As with all things in life, I received as much as I gave, and an immeasurable more, and am grateful.

(See Riverport Writers’ Retreat page for their comments.)

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