Picture Book Writing Workshop in Toronto

Critique your story with other writers who love
picture books as much as you.

Maximum 5 writers.

Location: Church & King (Downtown Toronto)

SPRING 2017 full

Sundays   1:00 -3:30 pm

Your story/revision can be critiqued at every meeting.

For more information or to reserve a spot  for the spring session CONTACT ME.


“Anne’s workshop provided support to polish my picture book manuscript and build my confidence. It was so helpful to work with other picture book writers, and to learn from Anne’s publishing industry experience.”
Elizabeth Cockle, shortlisted for the 2014 Kids’ Book Review Unpublished Picture Book Manuscript Award

“What I particularly liked about Anne’s workshop was the smallness of the group. This not only fostered an intimate, almost conspiratorial sense of comfort and sharing, but efficiency. I learned as much from listening to other stories (each so unique) and participating in the lively discussions that followed as I did from having my own work constructively critiqued.”
Carolyn Beck  author of Buttercup’s Lovely Day

“What I appreciate most about Anne’s workshop is listening to everyone discuss my story in a warm welcoming environment. This is when I get to really see what worked or failed. It opens my eyes to new possibilities, inspiring me to attack that second, third and fourth draft.”
Adam Schafer

I love Anne’s approach to her picture book workshop. She creates a warm, inspiring and energized environment. She encourages writers to address what works and what doesn’t, to be gentle yet honest and reminds us that no one is “right.”
Lizabeth Pirstl

What Anne Laurel Carter offers is more than a simple writing workshop. It’s a safe and respectful place to let our stories take needed steps. It’s also an opportunity to peak behind the publishing curtain and consider what makes young readers (and editors!) tick.
Mireille Messier, author of Une Charlotte Olympique