Get Kids Writing ~ School Visit

Everyone has a story.

For over 15 years, Anne has inspired students to enjoy writing through such programs as OAC’s Artists in Education, TPL Young Voices, authors’ camps, and privately. It’s one of her favourite things to do.

Our brains are hardwired for story. Anne inspires students to recognize a good idea, apply structure and key story elements, and use her feedback process to successfully revise stories.
“Creative writing is so incredibly satisfying, it’s like an endorphin hit for the brain.” Anne Laurel Carter


I had the honour of inviting Anne to provide a three day literacy program funded by the Leacross Foundation to all students from Chelsea Elementary School. Her programs were so well received that we invited her back again…under her guidance the students were keen to revise their first drafts into a polished story. Many for the first time experienced the joy of writing thanks to her sensitivity and encouragement.

Beatrice O’Byrne
Chief Librarian,
Chelsea, Quebec

Inspiring and interactive, Anne tailors a session(s) to grade level and interest.
Recommended: Grade Four + older, 60-90 minutes, 2-3 sessions ideally.

To discuss your needs, budget and arrange dates: CONTACT ME.