Ten Tips to Guide a Novel Revision

 Sketchbook and pens.

Sketchbook and pens.

I recently gave a workshop on novel revision at CANSCAIP’s annual PYI conference. I am currently following my own advice: I put my novel aside for 2 months and have been enjoying right brain activities, notably art, in which I play with colour and images with a Buddhist attitude of detachment (no ego, no ambitions).

Last week I began to read through a hard copy of my novel, making notes, seeing with fresh eyes the weaknesses and strengths of my story, and gathering the energy to dive once more into what I hope will be the last revision. This time I’ll work with a freelance editor/writer – a reader whose taste and opinions I highly respect: Diane Terrana. She can’t, of course, guarantee publication (beware of anyone who does) but she does give thoughtful, savvy feedback. Having her at my back helps me commit once more to the demanding work of a novel.

“ Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”  Winston Churchill

BTW: you could start revising a work-in-progress from Feb -April 2017 in Diane’s fabulous course  Editing Essentials   at U of T School of Continuing Studies (Mississauga campus).


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