New Digs, New Walk

I just moved to Ward’s Island, a short ferry ride away from downtown Toronto.
My husband and I first began dreaming of living and raising our four children on the island when they were little. We paid our annual dues and were on the purchaser’s list for twenty-three years before we got the phone call. That’s a long time to wait for a dream.
In the last six years whenever the renewal form arrived we’d reconsider staying on the list. We’d moan, “We’re getting older.” Then we’d laugh. “So what!” We always renewed. A home on the island, work in the city – yes, still  the best of both worlds to us.
My new daily walk is beside the water. The lake is different every day. It’s quiet. There are swans to observe, plenty of ducks and the odd coyote. It’s the setting I love best.
The experience reminds me of the years of work that go into writing and submitting to publishers. Every writer knows about dreaming and waiting.
Good stories are worth the wait. Stay on the list.

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