Fantasy – all the way to Maroochydore!

Weta Studio, Wellington

Weta Studio, Wellington

In the last eight years I’ve felt a need for fantasy, a genre I’ve always loved to read, but a new challenge for me as a writer. My last novel was contemporary, realistic (published in 2008). Since then life’s weather systems have felt unusually beyond-my-control. Parents with Alzheimers. Children turned adults. Health.


IMG_1833At my desk, fighting and resolving my hero’s battles in a world I create (and control) has been a source of immense satisfaction. And fun! But why fantasy instead of the other genres? Partly because the stakes are so big in the battle between good and evil. A troll’s foot hangs over her head and she must pick up the gauntlet or die.


Road sign, NZ

Partly, too, because of personal taste, my fondness for languages and music. When the world-building is wonderful (Graceling, Girl of Fire and Thorns, Scorpio Races)  I travel a strange road with the hero and return to ordinary life with a new companion. Her story is a melody I never forget. The language of fantasy, especially place names, evoke that melody. Something strange will happen in Bli-Bli. The gauntlet is thrown down in Mudjimba. And the only way to set things right is to go all the way to Maroochydore.

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