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Did you miss Inspire?

They certainly got the name right. I attended all three days of Toronto’s brand new International Book Fair. Upstairs at the convention centre I was surrounded by book people and (is there a better word?) inspired by icons like Chris Hadfield, Dav

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Research helps fantasy worldbuilding

Vivid writing is all about details and a good fantasy demands a believable new world. Because we’re in a fluctuating imaginative state when we write, we can easily and unconsciously use what I call default details –  unoriginal bits our brains have stored from

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A writing retreat becomes a dream come true.

I’ve enjoyed writing retreats for nearly two decades. They vary in quality and are affected by the participants, the comfort of the mattress, the quiet, and access to nature. No matter what problems arise,  the busy world stops, and I focus on writing. Being

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Children in Crisis in Gaza

With her permission I’m sharing this recent message from Liz Page, the Executive Director of IBBY International Board on Books for Young Children in Switzerland: For the past five years IBBY has been supporting two children’s libraries in Gaza through

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Building a website

Two years ago, I made the blooper of letting a domain name expire. The result? My professional website (which took months to build ) was illegally copied and linked to a  drug site. I’ve tried contacting them, and Google, but perhaps they are

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