New Digs, New Walk

I just moved to Ward’s Island, a short ferry ride away from downtown Toronto. My husband and I first began dreaming of living and raising our four children on the island when they were little. We paid our annual dues

Ten Tips to Guide a Novel Revision

I recently gave a workshop on novel revision at CANSCAIP’s annual PYI conference. I am currently following my own advice: I put my novel aside for 2 months and have been enjoying right brain activities, notably art, in which I play with colour and images

Writing the YA Novel and Procrastination

Michael Martchenko  once gave a hilarious and informative presentation at one of our free monthly CANSCAIP meetings in Toronto. He showed numerous photos of himself procrastinating (at the fridge, on the sofa, and back to the kitchen) and I realized:  illustrators

To plot or not to plot

After five years working on my epic YA fantasy (a new genre for me) I got into serious trouble with plotting. Plotting was much easier when I could rely on history, research, and interviews to fuel the key incidents. In a fantasy, I

Did you miss Inspire?

They certainly got the name right. I attended all three days of Toronto’s brand new International Book Fair. Upstairs at the convention centre I was surrounded by book people and (is there a better word?) inspired by icons like Chris Hadfield, Dav